Friday, June 3, 2011

so then i went to the states..

first up was LA. funny place, a mix of genuine people and genuine fake people. something about that place felt awkward and i guess i was expecting alot more graff to spy.. apart from a few tags here and there and the odd throwy, it was slim pickings. it caught me off guard and i found myself drinking many a beer scratching my head. i guess it made sense once i observed from a far for a few minutes... fair enough. a: cops are everywhere out there due to the gangs, crack slingers, pros and yobbo ausies and 2: the buff patrol is at work 24/7 painting and scrubbing away at anything that looks like the council didnt put it there. leaving alot of missmatched buff marks, i always got tempted to outline the blobs and turn them into wierd creatures. just like mr squiggle. but with a 30 mil burner nose...

a funny thing happened when i walked into a shop on my last day tho, bumped into david beckham. he looked at me, i looked at him... id like to think i asserted physical dominance..


  1. did you guys swap jerseys at the end?

  2. given that my jersey was far superior, no. it was an unfair trade and one that would bother me endlessly.