Monday, July 25, 2011


somehow we survived the bikes and smashed this one out. we then proceeded to head for the 
hills and pray that the girraffes would be as kind as they were last time... time will tell, join up 
may follow. in closing, a wise man once said:    ....     .    ..............................................     .

Sunday, July 17, 2011


for my 5 followers.... the join up of the now correctly spelled WIJNEGUM.
praise be to the monsoon rains and return of the grass feeders.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

heres a bunch more from the weekend in holland..
thanks again to all involved. big love and props go
out to marky mark and the strap on sandals and his
good mate the shermanator.... out

Monday, July 11, 2011


had some fun in amongst some heavy  hitters at the 
step in the aren a graff jam in eindhoven over the weekend.
the hospitality was second to none, i even got asked to paint
a van.. had a nice paint with NEW and stoked these little dudes
loved my painting. rad walls, rad people, see you again soon eindhoven!  
more piks soon


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


myself and some bods got our production on yesterday a short bus ride away from a town, outside of a city, in amongst a country... hot tip is that you can buy beers around the corner and even watch enormous barges cruise past.
join up photo to come, just waiting for the girraffes..


went off to holland the other day to check out a big jam with a bunch of whos whos.. apon arrival i was greeted with goood vibes, 12 cans and some bboying to spy..
ended up having a paint with KAR 1, super cool and funky fresh. dont be fooled, this ones a biggun.