Friday, June 3, 2011


if you havnt been to frisco yet, your letting yourself down. from castro to the embarcadero and 16th and 24th and the almighty mission street, theres something here for everyone. theres a huge south american contingent here leaving you with the freshest tacos youv ever had the pleasure of paying a buck fifty for... "tres sueadero per favore, grazias"....

art is everywhere here too. interrestingly tho with the spanish and mexican influence theres alot of tribal meurals everywhere.. i loved their use of colour and imagery and alot of it is by brush which was refreshing.
in terms of graff, this place has it all too. being home to SABER and REYES{msk} and many more killas it has so much quality painting. lotsa big productions that were cool to see in person, but also alot of bombing. very stylised hands over here too. one dude i mets killin it over here at the mo, TORO... rad throws everywhere. also saw alot of PSY and ORFN... also a MAYOE was up everywhere and THE. if stickers, stencils and past ups is more your gaff then theres plenty of that too..
was awsome to see old DARE pieces and KEM. theres so much graff history here. youl lose ya mind looking to and fro.even a few RIBBITY and PANDA SEX markings around.. il post piks of them later on..

oh and i thought melbourne had alot of fixies... not even close to the amount here, which is strange coz this place is layed out like the himalayas. bring ya steeze board and your sure to have a good time..

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