Thursday, June 16, 2011

SF 3

in my last few days in 'frisco' i got hookd up with a wall on the top of a nice bar called EMMYS on 30th and mission. i cruised past for a little look and saw that it had a huge pig on it. not knowing who painted it i set to work and quickly found nothing out other than itd been there way long and not many peeps liked it. hopefully i dont get shanked..

i meet with the owner and checked out the spot. in doing so i realized this was not going to be an easy task.
there was no real access to the roof so i had to climb thru a window in the neighbouring building onto a ledge, then scale a wire fence stopping anyone falling into a 15 meter abyss. once ontop of the fence i had to hold onto a drain pipe and scoot around the corner onto a slippery ladder.. this process was made harder by the 5 litres of buff, 25 cans of paint, scraping device, rollers and trays...
by the end of my time there tho i would become a master at it amid the amuzement of the mexican tenants mid fiesta watching me.
after a full 2 days of prep, made harder by the inclement weather, i got started and smashed it out in another 2 days. making it the fastest wall ive done by thyself of this size. and by far the most the sketchiest legal with nothing but a ladder and a 50 foot drop to keep me company.. the whind was soo bad too that it blew the ladders off the wall a few limes, which didnt amuse the ladys in the hair salon underneath, and kept me honest.
thanks again to my trusty scraper i named hong naam (dont ask), joey at the bar for the wall and the beers and the dudes at 1 AM for hooking me up a bit...

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