Wednesday, June 8, 2011


above is a pik of the first outdoor advertisement in the states. its in a place called HARPERS FERRY which is in the neighbouring state and was the home to a crazy dude whos sole pupose was to free the slaves. rad dude. i rekn wed have been mates. anyway,  it was done back in the 18 somethings and was for a soap company.. in the 20s the greenies complained that it was bad for the natural environment. so one of them tried to blow it off the side of the mountain.. that didnt work and you can see the blast mark and resulting cracks in the middle. when that didnt work they decided to scrub it with bleach. coz thats real good for the environment!

was a beautiful little town that was considered a 'free state' but everyone felt the need to have slaves and keep them hidden under the house.. some amazing old buildings here. for such a small spot theres alot going on here. home to the famouse PIT CREW skate shop, theres a pretty rad skate scene.. thanks to all the dudes, im repn the tees. there are a multitude of bars along the main drag tho and if you end up there youl deffinately enjoy a few happy hours... dollar PBR at the OLD TOWN. ping pong tables and darts for free there too.SCORE!
theres bugger all in the way of graff, few stickers here and there and not much else. but managed to get some stuff done and had a beaut time. huge props go to the W's!

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