Saturday, June 4, 2011


wow. this joint is a joint....
brooklyn, queens, the bronx, harlem, coney, green point. spots galore. the trains run 24/7 and everywhere you look
something catches your eye.. met WAYN{O} his new name in my mind and DMOTE and was blown away by there chill styles. happy to chat. always good when you dont get a face full of staunch.. also stumbled apon the crack is wack KIETH HARING wall in harlem.. amazing what you find in this place if you just wander around.
head to bushwick in brooklyn, its on the grey L line. have a wander and youl find some rad productions.. notably some WAYNO and EWOK and others youl froth over... heaps of bombing too IRACK cru, 17 and even good ole MANMAN... theres a big backpackers there too, pricy but at least you can rest ya head.
the place to eat here seems to be the alligator a few stops up the line. every beer you buy you get a free pizza... carefull tho, too much cheese equals pain..
put up heaps of flix... enjoy.

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