Sunday, October 30, 2011


when the DABS AND MYLA came to town there were grand schemes being bandied about like no other. monster walls and a sausage sizzle. unfortunately when push came to shove, NEW 2 buggered his back and the giant wall fell over and the barby wouldnt light coz it was too freakin cold.. still, we managed a slap dash session for the guests. and they did a nice frosby flop with plenty of air time and enough space to whistle the saxaphone refrain from baker street..

it was the first time ive had full cans stop working due to the cold... bone cold and according to the mystery man JUSH, it aint even cold yet! dang! a fun little piece tho, am touching on a few different things here and really having fun with it.. my forms are becoming more like a piece and have been having leanings towards letter forms... and a few fiddly bits here and there and highlights... might just happen one day...

the session was made even better by the presence of JUSH. what a man, is there anything this dude cant help with? il be taking calls all day from 9 till 6.30, have you a story of when jush has come to your aide? lets here it!

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