Thursday, August 4, 2011


berlin... amazeballs! even tho it rained for the 1st 5 days i was there, fun was still had!

this spot was called ALLEE DER KOSMONAUTEN... best name for an abando

this one was in an incredible area just near WARSCHAUER STRASS station. well worth a look. its a huge complex of buildings that people have just kinda lingered in for a while and made their own. in amongst the complex you can find a good indooor skate park, clubs, indooor rock climbing and of course some amazing paintings on the walls. i was amazed at what i saw. the cops came down but no drama to be had thanks to the owner stepping in and saying he liked our stuff
thanks again to adnate, wel paint again soon with the GSPSKC!!!

more photos of my wanderings will appear soon. 

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